Apple Fans Await iPhone 7
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Even the most-talked about smartphones for 2016 have issues too and these came from users who are bothered that "iPhone 7" might be another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the making at least for a certain context. Now is the best time to give much consideration to other android-powered phones like LG V20 and the upcoming "Google Nexus 2016".

Talking about iPhone 7 alternatives, LG V20 and "Google Nexus 2016" phones are the closest in the circle since most of the issues have been provided solution by the two mentioned android-powered phones. The following are the issues spotted from iPhone 7:


The premium sapphire glass was reportedly removed from the camera lens. The Forbes reported that iPhone 7 camera lens is built with regular glass that is susceptible to scratches.  But here's the catch - Apple is still advertising the newest smartphones as using sapphire glass!

New Home Button

While virtual home button works well for Apple (because it saves them from materials cost), the newly revamped home button is not as convenient compared to the physical ones. The same report from Forbes said that the button does only respond to capacitive touch. This means that the button will not react to any materials wore in hands such as standard gloves or any other clothing materials.

Physical Design

According to Apple, the high-gloss finish of this variant is due to the nine-step polishing and anodization processes it undergone during the manufacturing. And the ironic of it is the company immediately made a disclaimer that the shiny back case is prone to scratches as reported by Tech Times.

Wireless Headsets

A couple of people took to social media to share their experience with iPhone 7 AirPods. According to the report of Tech Radar, these people have received headsets replacement after they heard about the hissing sounds produced from the AirPods.

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