Two objects that may be wreckage from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have been spotted floating in the southern Indian Ocean. The Australian government released pictures taken by satellite on March 16 of possible plane debris seen around 2,500km (1,500miles) southwest of Perth - one of the most remote areas of the planet that's a four-hour flight from the Australian coast. An armada of ships including the Royal Navy's HMS Echo (top right) and Australia's HMAS Success (bottom right), along with hi-tech surveillance planes, have been dispatched to the area to identify the debris. However, initial sweeps drew a blank, with poor visibility hampering the search effort (top left). One of the objects is estimated to be 78ft (24m) in size, the other 15ft (five metres), and the sighting of the objects was said by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to be 'credible and potentially important

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