The rate of unemployment in this country is alarming, the number of people gathered for immigration exams today in Abuja calls for effort from the government to reduce unemployment. Not less than 7 people were killed and dozens injured in Nigeria’s capital after thousands of panicked job-seekers stampeded during a
government recruitment drive in the national stadium on Saturday.
I was told the exam questions also linked.

One witness said the stampede broke out as applicants surged towards a central stage. They said only one entrance to the 60,000-capacity stadium was open. It wasn’t clear how many people were inside at the time of the crush.

“The immigration service was having a recruitment exercise at the stadium … there was a stampede and they brought the victims to the national hospital,” said hospital spokesman Tayo Haastrup.

Many injured people could not be admitted to hospital due to lack of capacity.

What a country?

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