Miley Cyrus seems not to be happy with Lady Gaga, as she strolled in on her (literally) man-made white equine.
Miley was mid-interview with E! News when Gaga strolled in, capturing everyone’s attention. Miley made this comment: “What a f*cking—what a large-scale scene stealer! Next time I’m going to arrive in on a dragon. You can halt interviewing me if you want to go interview Gaga. I don’t care.
 Referencing Gaga's Grammys 2011 entrance in a monster space egg, Miley supplemented, “She didn’t come up in an embryo this time. That’s so boring.”

Both Miley and Gaga presented that night (separately) at the awards show, with every person wondering what the “Wrecking Ball” vocalist was going to pull in her first high-profile performance since the VMAs.

Gaga before asserted that she is a follower of Miley's scandalous presentation, throwing her support behind the fellow pop vocalist, saying, “Everybody needs to brighten up and leave her solely. Because it’s pop music. Everybody’s deserving to their own creative expression, and if you have a difficulty with it, just change the channel.”

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