Doubts surround asserted strike on Oduah’s An asserted strike on the vehicle of the Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah, at Maitama, Abuja on Friday was reported to the
Capital Territory policeman Command on Monday.

An Escalade car belonging to the minister was allegedly attack by unidentified gunmen at Ministers’ Hill, Abuja on Friday, but the occurrence was reported to the policeman, three days after the attack.

The FCT policeman Public Relations Officer, Altienne Daniel, who verified the occurrence, said the strike on the minister’s car was reported to the FCT Police order on Monday, supplementing that detectives who checked the vehicle retrieved a metallic object which was being subjected to ballistic check to ascertain whether it was a projectile or not.

“The incident was described to us on Monday at exactly 5.45pm and we are subjecting the metallic object we recovered from the vehicle to ballistic test. I can’t state whether the object is a bullet or not, so I can’t give you any data on it for now,” she said.

It was asserted that three shots were fired at the car while the occurrence occurred at about 10.30pm on the fateful evening.

A source, who pleaded not to be entitled, said, “Her (Oduah’s) Escalade car with registration number FST914BL was shot at but she was not in it.”

 Mr. Joe Obi, confirmed the incident to one of our correspondents.

He said the topic was being enquired and documented that the minister was protected as she was not in the vehicle at the time of the occurrence.

He said, “You said you perceived that the minister’s vehicle was shot at, right? Of course that is true and it occurred last Friday at about

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