The redeem christian church of God RCCG overseer pastor Adeboye is known for his controversial views on homosexuality, he  has arrived to preach in Auckland.
Petitions have been launched in various countries to keep Enoch Adeboye out, following comments he made linking gay marriage with the end of the human race.
He arrived here in style on a private jet, which he says is part of his job.
"Being a general overseer is a very heavy responsibility," he says. "You have to think of what is the most efficient way you can do this job."
As the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, he visits millions of followers in 174 countries.
A petition tried to stop Mr Adeboye from going to Australia, and there are concerns about his presence here.

"We've got strong concerns about him coming and him preaching about his view on homophobia," says Rawa Karetai of Rainbow Wellington.
Mr Adeboye has come under fire for his view on same-sex marriage, which he says could endanger humanity and goes against God's will.
"He made man and he made a woman so that they can be together so they can produce children and the human race can continue," he says. "If we disobey that aspect of God's commandment then the human race becomes an endangered species."
He fears that if there are too many same-sex couples, eventually humans will stop procreating.
"It takes just simple common sense to know that if we stop producing children the human race will be extinct within the next 100 years and definitely God will not want that," he says.
Same-sex marriage has been legal in New Zealand for almost three months, and Rainbow Wellington believes his views are out of touch with modern Kiwis.
"A minority of people will agree with the pastor's view of marriage, but we think that the majority of New Zealanders accept that being queer is okay and queer marriage is fine as well," says Mr Karetai.
Despite the controversy, Mr Adeboye still attracts a crowd - tomorrow he'll address an assembly of around 2500.

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