If you are like me who is always online, then you will know the exhorbitant data charges by mobile operators around or most of you must have been disconnected from the internet when abroad – or opposite costly hotel Wi-Fi charges to proceed online.

But those days are set to be over thanks to a new free Android app called Be-Bound that connects users to the world wide world wide web even when there’s no data connectivity.

It doesn’t need a Wi-Fi pointer, 3G or 4G to work, but rather than moves data around on the 2G network, the same bandwidth utilised to send text notes.

Fed up of costly inn Wi-Fi allegations? New app permits users access the internet any place in the world for FREE (and it works with any carrier) Be-Bound
characteristics: Be-Bound allows users to access their email, the stock exhange, Twitter, climate accounts and more

Be-Bound stores world wide world wide web data on cloud servers.
This information is then conveyed to users of the app using the 2G network.
Users can access their internet message, the supply exchange, Twitter weather accounts and more - even when there's no facts and figures connectivity.
It's free to use if there's a facts and figures attachment.
If there's no data connectivity users are ascribed a nominal allowance and pay using 'Be-miles'.
One text message of world wide web data costs one Be-mile and the cost for 80 Be-miles is actually £4.30.
facts and figures from the web is compressed on cloud servers, then dispatched to smartphones by very low bandwidth text messages.
‘We begun with a simple fact: everyone has faced attachment matters, even in covered localities like teaches, subways, inside structures or any other localities with poor or restricted connectivity,’ said Albert Szulman, CEO of Paris-based Be-Bound.

‘We aim to attach the world. There’s no design or agreement, you purchase credits, and use it.’

Be-Bound’s app needs no infrastructure buying into and will finally works with every telephone carrier in the world.
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