It seems the dead are coming back to life in Brazil. However you shouldn’t worry that we are beginning the start of the zombie apocalypse! A woman was practically scared to death when she was visiting a grave of a family member when a man appeared to come alive from a shallow grave.
Originally the woman thought the man was dead and had come back to life. The woman heard a muffled noises, so she went to see where it was coming from and a head and arms were flailing around as a man was trying to get out. The unnamed woman ran off fearing for her life, however she returned to find the man alive and not the undead, so she called the emergency services.
At first they didn’t actually believe her and thought it was a hoax, leading the woman to go to the cemetery office and get them to confirm there was in fact a man half buried alive in a grave. Emergency services arrived and found the man barely conscious as they dug him out of his shallow grave.
Dramatic footage of the rescue can be seen below on the news reel released. It is believed that the man was found nearly a week ago and he is now said to be recuperating in the local hospital.

According to local police officer in the area of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Sao Paulo, they believe they the man a former city hall worker, had been involved in a fight somewhere else. He was beaten unconscious and then taken to the graveyard and dumped in a shallow grave by his assailants and partially covered with dirt.
This isn’t the first attack in the country where someone was assaulted and dumped in a graveyard. In September a homeless man was hit over the head with a shovel, suffocated with a plastic bag until he passed out and stripped naked. He was buried in the sand, by his three teenage attackers. Unfortunately despite best efforts he died later in hospital after a witness reported the crime. The teenagers were arrested at the scene by police

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