A 19 year Nigerian homeless Teenager has been arrested in Italy for murdering a 60 year vintage woman. Nwajiobi Donald (pictured overhead) strangled Caterina Susca with a bag over her head in her home in Bari, a south Italian seaboard town on Monday November 11th. Unknown to him, a neighbor took his images as he left Susca’s house after the killing. Donald confessed to the killing on November 14th after he was apprehended by police who battled him with many parts of incriminating evidence assembled in the hours immediately following the crime.

According to accounts, the victim was discovered semi-naked with a artificial bag over her head and her skull crushed in. Donald said he slain the woman in self defense after she attacked him with a two of scissors in her home. Donald, who is homeless, asserted he met the woman on the forenoon of the occurrence and asked her for food; the woman asked him to follow her home with a pledge to give him some thing to eat only to attack him but examiners believe Donald was trying to steal from the woman and when apprehended in the process, assaulted and suffocated her with a artificial bag after beating her up. policeman says some cash and a phone was stolen from the deceased.

Donald is actually remanded in prison after he was refused bail...

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