Governor Adams Oshiomole became a Teacher when he paid an unscheduled visit to the state Staff Training Centre, venue of the Teacher verification exercise, He said “if you can’t read, what do you teach the pupils, what do you write on the board?”
Chairman of the state Nigeria Union of Teachers, Mr. Patrick Ikosimi, who was also at the screening to monitor the exercise, said that the woman’s failure was “an embarrassment.”
Please Just take your Time and watch this video again!
 Oh, this reminds me of when i use to teach my niece in Nursery school, but Comrade why all these questioning?
This is not just an embarrassment, this calls for investigation, the comrade governor seems to be enjoying the fun, how did she get here? on whose government didn't she get this teaching job? Verify her credential if they are genuine. But before you go ahead, get an optician to examine her eyes; it seems she cannot see properly, may be its difficult for her to see clearly, if not i can't still believe how and why she cannot read.

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