Mrs Asogbon Victoria , 53-year old teacher on grade level 10,  has been charged  before an Ikeja Magistrate’s Court for allegedly impersonating the wives of Lagos State Governor, Dame Emmanuela Abimbola Fashola and her Osun State Counterpart, Mrs Sherifat Aregbesola.
  • In a 10-count charge filed by the Lagos Attorney General before the court, Mrs Asogbon was alleged to have, at various times, represented herself as Mrs Fashola and Mrs Aregbesola through text messages to some individuals and collected huge sums of money and Ramadan gifts from them.
  • In one of the charges, Mrs Asogbon was alleged to have fraudulently collected N100,000 from the Chairman of Agbado/Oke-Odo Local Government Council after sending him a text message claiming that she was sent to collect the money by Fashola’s wife.
  • Asogbon was also alleged to have sent similar text message to Isaac Omoregie, Education Secretary of Alimosho Local Government and collected three blackberry phones worth N105,000 from the chairman of the local government under the guise of being sent by the governor’s wife.
  • In yet another incident, Asogbon was alleged to have secured redeployment from local government education authority, Alimosho to the Lagos State Basic Education Board through a text message purportedly sent to the Chairman of Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, Mrs Gbolahan Khadijat Daudu by Mrs Fashola.
  • State Prosecutor Babatunde Sunmonu also alleged that Asogbon at another time, claimed through a text message that she is a sister to Mrs Sherifat Aregbesola and attempted to defraud Mrs Gbolahan.
  • The offences allegedly committed by the defendant are contrary to and punishable under sections 378, 312 and 96 of the Lagos State Criminal Law, 2011.
  • Asogbon pleaded not guilty to the charges after it was read to her in court.
  • The presiding Magistrate, Mrs Eniola Fabamwo subsequently granted her bail in the sum of N1 million with two sureties. The defendant is also to deposit N250,000 with the court as part of the conditions for her release.
  • The matter has been adjourned till 2 September, 2013 for trial"

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