Angelina Jolie

Moving on. Angie spent her birthday at the Berlin premiere of World War Z and looked statuesque and GORGY in a white strapless peplum dress. Posing next to Brad Pitt in his leather jacket and long hair they looked like such the rocker/model couple.

Then the hot couple and their entire brood of kids hit up one of Germany’s premiere sushi restaurants, Kuchi. When in Rome, right?

Angelina Jolie
 The kids were all dressed to the nines and looked adorable. All the boys rocked designer denim with blazers.

A source at the restaurant told E! News that the family arrived at the restaurant at 9:30pm and stayed for about three hours in a private room. They ordered ramen, dumplings and sushi.

“They seemed very happy together,” adds the source.

Then, the staff brought out a strawberry pudding cake and the family sang to Angelina. Awwww.
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