Ever wonder how the new moms walking the red carpet have post baby bodies that rival their childless peers After showing off baby bumps what next?-- mere weeks after giving birth? Here are their secrets
Rescently many woman in Hollywood has given birth, From superstar singers like Beyoncé and Adele to mega movie stars like Drew Barrymore and Megan Fox, we've been inundated with paparazzi snapshots of adorable baby bumps.

Do we hate these women for their post baby bodies  Or, we  uncover the secrets that helped them look so good so soon after giving birth and apply those tactics (at least the sane ones!) to our own no-personal-trainer-here lives?
Well if you ask me i will say lets find out the secrets, those pregnant or getting ready might want to take a step!

Beyoncé put on 60 pounds during her pregnancy with baby Blue Ivy, so it's no surprise she had to take drastic measures to lose that much weight before going on tour just a few months later. How'd she do it? "They had me on a treadmill.
I ate lettuce," the singer said.
Of course, it was a little more involved than that.
Her trainer, Marco Borges, reportedly moved into her apartment to guide her through twice daily two-hour cardio workouts that included dance, yoga, and Pilates moves.
As for her diet? Protein shakes, fresh veggies, pineapple chunks, egg whites, and lots of water.

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