charles okah

Justice Gabriel Kolawole expressed shock as he

presided over Charles Okah’s case when it came up

for mention on Thursday 7th march, 2013.

Okah was carried into the court room by

prison warders leaving his wheel chair outside the

court room. The judge was informed by Okah’s lawyer that Okah, who is facing charges relating to

the October 1, 2010 bomb blast is now paralysed as

a result of a nervous disorder made worse by his

solitary confinement at the Kuje prison where he is

not allowed any form of movement.

Okah requested to speak to the judge and when he was granted audience, he did not mince


Justice Kolawole who deserves

commendation for his diplomacy and carriage

listened attentively as Okah narrated how the prison

faulted and disregarded court orders issued in April 2012. Okah who was hale and hearty when he was

arrested on the 16th of October 2010 made it clear

that his paralysis was as a result of the ill treatment

at the hands of the Nigerian prison service.

Justice Kolawole however replied that there

was nothing he could do if the prison service decided to go against their own laid down rules and

regulations regarding inmates in their custody.

It behaves the mind to think that at the level

of the Nigerian democracy, a government

establishment can disregard a court order with

impunity and get away with it. The worst part is the judge’s seeming act of indifference and


It is obvious that certain political forces are

responsible for his ill treatment which up till now

shows no signs of abating. His trial date was fixed

for 19th and 20th of June 2013. Let’s hope Justice will serve its course. Next conversation

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  1. abujatalk thks for bringing this, na there dis guy die if care is not taken

  2. even though you guilty, u go don repent


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