Bomb Blast Victims in Kano
The recent suicide bomb blasts, which the police claimed killed 22 people in Kano, has left pains, agony, regrets to victims, those directly affected and the country at large.
A victim of the blast named Goje, a 46-year-old indigene of Sokoto State, is between life and death as he bears the excruciating injuries he sustained in the blast: He said “Pray for me because I am in serious trauma; my intestines are hanging out and I have to cover them with a cloth. I know the bombers will not be forgiven by God, they have ruined my life, see how my body is twisted.”

Giving an eyewitness account on the multiple explosions which shook Kano on Monday, Goje, who introduced himself as a petty trader in the motor park that was bombed, said: “When I was about to close for the day, I heard a blast and something hit my left ear, I thought it was a gunshot.

“But when I regained consciousness and was attended to by the doctors in the emergency unit of this hospital, I realised it was a bomb blast.”
In tears, he said the blast was terrible, adding: “I believe I will not survive from this injury, my intestines are out and I have to cover them with a cloth before I received medical attention; part of my stomach is cut off and my ribs broken to pieces.”
He said he was lucky to have seen his family since he was rushed to the hospital but was unlikely to survive the ordeal because of the injuries he had sustained.

“I’ll not forgive the attackers and my entire family will not forgive them,” he added.

Goje said: “As I am talking to you now, I can’t hear any sound from my left ear, it’s a shocking moment in my life. I never expect myself to be in this trauma, pray for me please, I am in terrible situation.”

Another victim, Malam Abdullahi Sani, said: “I was a passenger inside the bus and I waved goodbye to my friends who had escorted me because I was travelling to Lagos. But immediately I was seated inside, I heard a big sound and saw flames of fire on my body.”

saying: “You can see how they damaged my body. I am lucky to be alive; it’s a terrible thing, which I never expected.  I have not eaten anything since yesterday, my life is in total distress.”

According to him, he had boarded the bus along with many people inside, but he believes that the majority of his co-travellers had died in the blast.
“I was at the park at about 3 pm waiting for it to be fully loaded; confidently, I was there without thinking this would catch up with me. But now, I am ruined, see my face and my shoulder, it’s something that I will never be able to forget throughout my life,” he said.

But for Abdullahi Sani, who is an onion seller inside the park: “I lost my nose and ears in the fire. I was lucky to survive after the fire fighters and soldiers arrived and rescued us,” he said.

He explained that the blast happened a few metres from the place he sold his onions, adding “It was a black day for me and the entire people involved.”

Reacting to the multiple explosions which rocked Kano, the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero, himself a victim of an assassination attempt in February, called on the Federal Government to take all necessary actions to tackle the current security challenges facing the country.

Bayero told Igbos and managers of luxury buses at the scene of the blast that the call on the Federal Government was necessary in order to achieve a lasting peace in the country.

The emir, who was represented by a district head in Fagge Local Government Area, Alhaji Mahmud Ado Bayero, said that the attack on Sabon Gari was unfortunate and called on all residents in Kano to pray for peace.

“The emir directed me to come and commiserate with the people over the blast and we don’t know why this is happening only in Kano,” he said.

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