Adele Charges $130,000 Per Minute
You got to do this sum yourself,Adele Charges $130,000 Per Minute. Sighting a recent birthday party proposal involving a South African businessman that doesn’t sound sketchy at all... a new report arrives via the Internet stating that, for private events, “Skyfall” singer Adele charges £2.5 million (roughly $3.25 million) per 25-minute gig.
That’s about £100,000 per minute, AKA $130,000.
But, for those budget Adele shoppers that just want to get the multi-Grammy powerhouse to sing “Happy Birthday” as the cake comes in, just how much would that run you?
Well, Hollyscoop got our nerd on and figured it out…
For starters, the average duration of a family-sung “Happy Birthday” lasts anywhere from 18 to 20 seconds (YouTube videos, plus a stopwatch got us there).
But you've got to imagine that when Adele’s singing, she’d have a tendency to get lengthy on the music’s fermatas… After all, Marilyn Monroe’s version to President Kennedy held out for nearly a minute.
Let’s round it off to an even 35 seconds, just to be safe…
Next, math tells us that it would cost you $45,500 to have Adele sing at your special private event for 35 whole seconds…
And we can only imagine that it would be SO worth it-Hollyscoop

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